10 Easy Craft Ideas To Get Rid of Boredom

If you are looking for some interesting craft ideas to kill boredom then you are at the right place. Read along for some cool DIY ideas.

Old Plastic Alphabet’s For Refrigerator Decor

Requirements :
● Old plastic alphabet’s used to teach kids
● Gold or silver spray paints
● Double sided tape
Spread some newspapers on the floor and place the alphabet’s of your choice on it. Apply the Spray paint and let them dry. Now stick the double sided tape and put them on your refrigerator.

Redesign Your Old T-Shirts

Requirements :
● An old t shirt
● An A4 size paper
● Scissors
Cut a stencil of the design on the A4 sheet paper. Place if properly on the back of your t shirt and mark the design. Now cut the design using a pair of fabric scissors.

Add Some Colors to Your Old Bangles

Requirements :
● Some old bangles
● Left over or new nail paints
Take your plain old bangles and paint some trendy patterns on them using attractive nail paints. You can flaunt these funky bangles on various occasions.

Handmade Greeting Cards

Requirements :
● Hand made papers of different colors
● Glue
● Scissors
● Sketch pens and markers
Cut the hand made paper to the desired size. You can add detailing to these cards by using the sketch pens and markers. You can gift these cards to your dear ones on various occasions.

Hand Painted Feathers

Requirements :
● Feathers
● Acrylic colors and brushes
We often use the feathers as bookmarks in our diaries. Now you can make them colorful by painting on them using acrylic colors. Dry them well before using as bookmarks.


Requirements :
● Quill tapes
● Scissors
● Glue
Quilling can be done using various methods. You can follow different online platforms to learn quilling methods during free time. You can use quilling to make earrings, neck pieces and also to decorate the greeting cards.

Fabric Painting

Requirements :
● Tshirt
● Old tooth brush
● Fabric paints
● Plastic bowl or plate
● A4 sheets
● Scissors
This is another method to redesign your old t shirts. You can cut any required patterns on the A4 sheets and place them on the shirt. Dilute the fabric paint in the plastic bowl to a spreadable consistency. Dip the toothbrush in the paint and spray it on the stencil. Allow it to dry thoroughly in the sun.

Origami Crafts

Requirements :
● Origami sheets
● Scissors
Origami is one of the best pastime activity for all age groups. Once again you can look up to various online platforms for origami tutorials. They are simple to make and there is a wide range of craft items you can prepare.

Pom pom bookmarks
Requirements :
● Colorful yarn
● Scissors
Get your hands on some yarn and a pair of scissors to make this in no time. Roll the yarn around your index, middle and ring finger of the left hand by keeping them close. Take it out carefully and tie a yarn to the middle of it by leaving a long trail. Now cut open the edges for your new bookmark.

Attractive Candles

Requirements :
● Scented candles
● Metallic duct tapes
● Scissors
Take your favourite scented candles and closely wind them with metallic duct tapes of your choice. You can use these attractive candles as decors for various occasions.

Use this easy DIY craft tips to utilize your free time more wisely! Stay tuned for more such interesting articles.

Craft Products From Coconut Shells!

It is very refreshing in Ghana to see people break a coconut, drink its juice and eat the flesh.The usefulness of the crop is beyond measure; every part of the plant, from its roots to the fronds, is useful to man.But there is a new use of the coconut which is fast becoming vogue in Ghana. The coconut shell is being used to produce handcrafted containers of various sizes.